A letter from the Greek Orthodox Sculptor

My name is STERGIOS KANARIS, I’m not looking for donations, and I’m looking for partners to share the glory and money through the Centuries, to create a thematic park in Rhodes Island, Greece, that performance with Knights and Greek heroic historic events will take place in it. My skills since I came into this world are: Master jeweler - Sculptor and I wanted with respect to write to you and offer an Epic opportunity to think about that will give you Glory for many centuries to come. In my mind comes: the participation of Rhodes to the Trojan War, the seize of the Island by the Ottomans by the Sultan Suleiman the magnificent, also very strong comes the protection of the island by the Knights, the creation of Colossus and other. I believe there were and are a lot of Heroes in America that still exist and this is what compels me to write this letter to get response.

Since I was 9 years old I started following my father and participated in collecting and producing projects in my town learning how to deal with people in business. After graduation from school, I started working for professionals down town in (Vardari, Thessaloniki Greece) there were so many different cultures (Greeks, Jewish, Armenians, Turks) many merchants and technicians in jewelry and wood carving work for churches. At 17 yrs old I had my own business (wholesale) doing jewelry models and manufacturing, decorations for the churches. I went into the Army at 20-22 yrs old, then came back and opened my own jewelry store, sculpting bronze casting etc., 29 yrs old I came to America and competed for one position with the company that had 35 people to apply at” Albathel “52 & 5 Ave. New York, New York” (a manufacturing co. for Tiffany and Cartier) I got the job with my skills without speaking any English and I worked as an artisan for very difficult and special orders for them.

I moved to St. Augustine Florida in 1981 and opened my own shop again and I learned three very important things here in the US.

1) I learned to extend my skills to produce faster and better jewelry sculpting work.

2) Obey the laws and stay away from trouble.

3) To be completely honest in my dealings with my fellow man and complete my work.

I am 35 years in America and I became an American Citizen, I am extending a heartfelt invitation to a project that I have been passionate for 4 years, this project has been presented to all the Greek dignitaries and they are excited to sponsor me. This Millennium Colossus is one of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World (see: http://www.crystalinks.com/SevenWondersoftheAncientWorld.htmland has been dormant for 23 Centuries, this Rare project will give glory to any participants for centuries to come to leave there name in the History books and be known for something monumental Forever. (Who cares for the money?) The company(millennium collossos) will add Capitol 20% on the top off the investorsl for this project and appeal to you to participate in this Epic opportunity.

7 wonders

The reason I appeal to you is because I believe we have a lot in common and when we meet together it will become much more.

You can find my Business plan on Millennium colossus.com please read it and you can email me your response. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this note.